Multimode Transceivers

Multimode fiber optic transceivers work with multimode fibers. The connectors can be aligned with a coupling less critical than that of the single-mode fiber, thereby allowing the use of inexpensive LED light sources. Due to dispersion, multimode fiber optic transceivers have a shorter transmission distance than single-mode transceivers.
As a result of their inexpensive light source, single-mode transceivers are more expensive than multimode transceivers. The most common VCSEL used by them is an 850nm VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser). Transmission distance is limited by higher dispersion at 850nm. Ideally, this wavelength is used for applications with a short reach of 200m or less.
The majority of intra data center applications can be handled by multimode or short reach transceivers. Future expansions and upgrades should be considered when designing a network.
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