Custom Cables


Are you looking for a cable that's not listed on our website? Have you found a cable we carry but would like an alternate length and/or color? At Fibertech parts direct, we offer custom cable manufacturing. For any and all manners of cables you need, we can manufacture and sell to you at your desired quantity.

Let's say you need a Fiber Optic cable with special terminator requirements to avoid having to use adapters for simplicity or even space reasons. Our custom cable manufacturing infrastructure perfectly positions us to assist. Perhaps you need a custom USB cable for specialty devices or a specialized serial cable? We can do that too. Maybe you need a specific Cat5e/6/6a patch cable. That's in our wheelhouse as well. There is no limit to what we can deliver on.

We have created hundreds of custom products for our customers, from USB cables with special pin outs to data cables that we have never seen before. From basic variations on our current products, such as different lengths or colors all the way to obscure styles, shapes, cable types and pin outs, we should have no problem accommodating your needs.

Minimum Quantities

  • 100 pieces is the typical minimum, but please contact us for specifics.
  • Minimums are affected by your specifications (complexity of the cable).

Time Line

  • Several days to as long as 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Expediting orders is possible depending on the specs involved.
  • Our staff will be able to give you more specific times once we receive your spec.


  • Contact us with your specifications and we will get back to you quickly with a quote.